How to shop online safely

Browse our catalog and locate the product(s) you are interested in, only the finest quality of fillers and injections


Add to cart:

Click on the desired product(s), choose your quantity then click “Add to cart”


View Cart:

Click on the view cart to see the selected products.



Once you have all desired products on your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, click on the shopping cart icon (top-right of the screen) and you will be redirected to the view cart page.


Shopping Option:

Once you’ve added desired products to your cart, you will have to choose between standard (1-3 days shipping on your location_ and Express delivery then proceed to the checkout.



On the checkout page, you need to login with your email address and password. if this is your first time registering with us. You will need to provide your email and choose and password or get an automatic password and an account will be set up for you.

Once we confirm and collect payment of your order, your order will be processed and we ship the same day if the order is placed before 3:50 pm and shipped the next day if it’s placed after 5:00 pm.